Be Brave

When was the last time you did something brave?

Something that took more courage than you thought you had?

So often I think we look for bravery while making cowardly choices.

We hope we can somehow have courage without making courageous choices.

Those who choose to hide will never lead us.

How can they when they aren’t going anywhere compelling?

If people were following you around today, where would they get?

More selfish or more brave?

Because they are following you.

Fear is Not Your Only Choice

I write this with the assumption that fear is a choice that our mind makes in response to something.

It could be public speaking, financial concerns, failing, etc.

The main thing is this, that if fear is a choice, then there must be other choices.

Other thoughts we can choose with our mind.

I have found that for me, when I am choosing fear, if I simply switch to “love” instead of fear, it is really helpful.

I ask myself, “How can I be loving in this situation and let my love win out rather than my fear.”

“How can I ensure that my love is always at least one step ahead of my fear.”

Shifting my thoughts really changes things.

Cut Away from the Familiar

The word “decision” means to cut away from the familiar.

What is it going to take for you to get tired of life as it currently is?

And find a future “you” worth fighting for.

Find a future “you” that would be worth doing anything and everything possible and impossible to become.

What is it going to take for you to put a stake in the ground for an unimaginable future?

And then decide that it will happen.

The familiar was meant to be a starting point, not the destination.

If you are not excited about life, how long until you cut away?

Stating the Problem

When thinking about what you will do with your day, consider this:

How clearly have you stated the problem that you are committed to solving?

What challenges are there to solving that problem? — Why hasn’t that problem been solved yet?

Challenge yourself to move from the general to the specific.

Otherwise, how will you know if you are achieving the unprecedented unless you can measure it?

Walking into the mirror

About 6 years ago, I was sitting at Philippe in downtown LA with a good friend, Steve Knox.

Steve was mentoring me at the time and he said to me something that has stuck with me to this day.

“You are the only one who is going to stop you. You are your own worst enemy. Get out of your own way.”

At the time, I remember feeling hopeful as I believed that nothing external would be able to hold me back and so the possibilities were endless, right?

Then my thoughts shifted to “How do I get out of my own way?”

And I had no answers.

I kept thinking, “David, just get out of your own way and stop being your own obstacle…”

And that didn’t work.

Fast forward 6 years and I have learned quite a bit over that time frame.

And the biggest thing I have learned is that in order to get out of my own way, I must stop walking into the mirror.

What I mean by this is: If I focus on “getting out of my own way,” the focus of that is still on myself…how do “I get out of MY own way…”

What if I shifted this conversation to “getting in the way of others” or “focusing on others and the difference I want to make in their lives?”

What if I stopped staring in the mirror and being self-focused, and chose to focus on my impact on others.

And did whatever it took to see that impact happen.

Knowing that it is pretty difficult, if not impossible, to change the world while only focusing on ourselves.

Willing to Fail

Once you stop being willing to fail, you close off the possibility for any transformation.

Transformation comes only through reaching beyond yourself, outside of yourself, assuming the potential for failure.

If you are not willing to fail, you will stick with the familiar always.

You will be mediocre at best.

But this can all change if you decide to step into possible failure.


David Allen writes “Mosquitoes ruin the hunt for big game.”

Having lived a portion of my life in Minnesota, where the state bird might as well be the mosquito, I can visualize what he is talking about.

I remember one time, a friend of mine and I were trying to light fireworks at his farm.

We had covered ourselves completely in insect repellant.

Yet, I couldn’t hold the lighter to the wick long enough to light the fireworks because the mosquitoes would literally swarm my hand to the point of insanity.

What are the numerous little things that are distracting you from making the big decisions towards you making a difference in the lives of others?

What will it take for you to eliminate those mosquitoes from holding you back?

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