You Next Moment Can Be Great: Here is How

On Productivity

Productivity is a mindset.

It says that I will do whatever it takes to put myself in a position to add to the conversation.

Even when I don’t have anything to add yet, because I have not yet put in the work.

Life is an invitation to work diligently to add value to the lives of others.

Sometimes that is sowing seeds, other times, it’s harvesting.

Many of us fail to choose the discipline of productivity in the sowing, and are frustrated when the harvest is sparse.

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Which Direction is Your Leadership Headed?

How Often do You Stop and Think About This?

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Complaints are Interpretations

My complaints are interpretations of facts, not facts themselves.

When I complain, I often feel justified in my complaining because I think my complaint itself is the facts (not simply an interpretation).

But if I am only going after feeling justified, where does that get me? Typically this just gets me the result I already have rather than something new.

Newness comes from accepting my complaint as my experience of reality and then creating a new way of interpreting the facts.

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